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“ My names are Hakeem Faysel Waguma.

I’m from Uganda. I graduated from NDEJJE university Uganda with the BA in EDUCATION majoring in languages (English).
When I was through with my studies I started working and helping children who had a rough background like the one I passed through. I had a dream of trying to create equality in education, for people, children who could not afford proper means or access to this fundamental right, so with me specializing in languages I believed that everyone is entitled to at least knowing two languages that they can use to easily express themselves.
Life as refugee is not easy. I arrived here in the period when a lot of people were arriving from all different parts of the world mostly from the Middle East and Africa. As a Student and person this caused a lot uncertainty, in the way of living which was incredibly hard as I was supposed to adapt to new society and a new way of surviving. As a matter of fact I had to adjust, get new friends and most especially learn how I could get involved in the society. This primarily pushed me to start attending lectures that Radboud university had organized for refugees with an academic background. With such unprecedented chance I got to learn some new issues and catch up with how the society and law works in the Netherlands, I got new trusted friends who have also taught me a lot.
Lastly, I would love to pass this token of thanks to all the people, that made Nijmegen the best place for refugees to be. Municipality for letting us stay longer, Radboud University (law faculty) for letting us use their space and Asha, Kim and Maud for effortlessly making this a reality. ”