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Jasper Bras
26 years old, Delft, Netherlands

Study: Urbanism
At: Technological University Delft
“ Momentary i'm a graduated student. I would like to keep this room as long as possible (campuscontract:half year after graduation)til i will find a job.I would like to livein Amsterdam and work in the conurbation of Western Holland.Because of function offer in my sector(Urbanism) is very low i am prepared to take other function offers as in infrastructure,real estates, projectmanagement etc.I have little connections with Delft, more with other cities like Amsterdam. Lots of my friends and former fellow students have left Delft after graduation. I'm very satisfied about this room; i have never ever had before such a luxury room and a living space as this, i will not get the same soon. Also the rental costs are ver affordable. You will be better treated as a client at a housing association then by a private landlord, besides that my rent is quit low. In my spare time i like to do running, swimming, skating and cycling. On the cultural area i like to go theatre,movie theatre, music gigs and parties. ”