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Gosse de Boer
23 years old, Delft, Netherlands

Study: Hydraulic Engineering MSc
At: Delft University of Technology
“ Right from the start of my studies in Delft, I have lived in student house Paleis Noordeinde. Rent is low at around 250 euros; I have a nice room and I share a bathroom and kitchen with my fellow roommates. Besides studying, I have a busy sailing schedule. Hopefully, I will be able to keep combining both worlds! It's a relatively big house, with 6 guys and 6 girls. We have all joined different student societies, leading to more than enough parties and fun for a great time as a student!"

Optionele toevoeging;
Update December, 2015: "Now, three years later, I have traded my student house for a place in The Hague, shifting focus from the exciting student life to graduating from university. I live with two good friends of mine. My rent has gone up, but is still agreeable, at 400 euros. The sailing has grown over the last years a lot too, delaying the studies a little bit. In half a year's time, a choice between a professional sailing career or an engineering career will have to be made. A mix of both could be the perfect world! ”