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Laura Kirst
22 years old, Aachen, Germany

Study: Psychology (Arbeitspsychologie)
At: Technical University
“ I live in a 12qm room in Aachen and pay 220 euro for it per month. It's located quite in the centre of the city and I love the view out of my window! The small seize is no problem for me because I have great roommates living with me in the flat so we spend a lot of time together in our kitchen or on our roof. I like the fact that Aachen is so close to Belgium, France and the Netherlands so you always meet people speaking different languages. The technical University in Aachen sets its main emphasis in psychology on "Arbeitspsychologie" and that is why I am really happy with it. In two years, after having received my bachelor of science, I want to move to another german city, maybe Berlin, and finish my studies there. ”